Download and update without Google Play

Actions for update

  1. Allow applications from unknown sources to be installed on your device.

  2. Download and install the BStore app. Google Play security will alert you to an unknown app. This is ok.

  3. Run BStore and go to settings.

  4. In the settings, specify your Google Play account and order number. If you have a promo code, enter the promo code instead of the order. After entering the order number, press OK and be sure to wait until the order number appears on the screen. If the order number is not displayed, it is not valid. You cannot receive an upgrade with that order number.

  5. Go back to the main screen and update Budget Blitz for Android to the current stable or beta version.


The update is only available to Google Play users who bought Budget Blitz for Android or installed it with a promo code. For users who installed Budget Blitz for Android during the free sale, the update is not available.

For users who bought the application in Yandex Store update is not available.

At the moment the purchase of the application is not available, only an update is possible.



Where do I get the order number?


The order number should be in the letter with the receipts in the gmail or in the purchase history on Google Play. If you can’t find the letter or purchase in your purchase history, write to Google Play Technical Support.


Where do I get the order number when I buy on the site?


The order number is indicated on the receipt and also appears in the browser window after successful payment.